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Introducing… Procter’s 2018 Camp Staff

Our Team

The 2018 camp season at Procter is shaping up to be one of joyous community, transformative program, and goofy FUN! Our summer staff is who breathes life into the property and, with the campers, creates the magic of summer camp.  We know parents place enormous trust in our staff and program to create a safe space for their children to grow and thrive.  These staff members have been screened and vetted by our application process, and will arrive at Procter two weeks before camp begins for a comprehensive staff training program. Returning staff members are joined by a energetic group of talented camp leaders, its going to be a great summer with this crew…read on for bios of the 2018 camp staff!


Andrea Foote is the Director of Camp and Youth Ministry at Procter Center. She loves making friendship bracelets, swimming, and goofy evening activities at camp! Experiencing the stunning Procter sunsets and getting to know the Procter campers, parents, chaplains, nurses and staff were highlights from her first year at Procter. She can’t wait for campers to be back at Procter, especially for lake swim and Sing Song!

Andrea worked in camping and youth ministry in the Diocese of California before moving to Ohio in 2015. She is married to The Rev. Maggie Foote, who also loves camp and serves as a camp Chaplain for Leaders-in-Training and Sagrada Familia camps. The Footes live in Cincinnati with their two dogs Jasper and Kip.

Leadership Team!

This group supports the counselors, develops and guides the program.  Alex Keeley and Josh Chamberlain share the role of Associate Directors. Alex will focus on Formation and camp operations. Josh coordinates recreation, activities and the music program. Logan Kordinak will serve as an Activity Specialist, developing our engagement with nature and (back this summer) overnight camping experience on the Procter property. Amy Saunders is in a hybrid role of counselor and Coordinator of Procter’s creative arts program. 

Alex Keeley, from Newnan, GA, is pumped to start her first ever summer at Procter as a member of the Leadership Team! She graduated from Columbus State University and went on the World Race, an eleven month long missions trip to eleven different countries, before moving to Cincinnati to join the Episcopal Service Corp. Her favorite place is Procter is the picnic table across the pond from the chapel; she likes to tie-dye t-shirts, paint during Arts and Crafts, and sing campfire songs. Alex says she’s excited to build community and relationships with the campers and staff members, be away from the city, and spend time in the sunshine.

Josh Chamberlain, from Cincinnati, OH, is a graduate of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he earned a degree in underwater basket weaving and learned how to make balloon animals. Josh is a former Procter camper, spent three years as a counselor, and is now coming back to join the Leadership Team as the Activities Coordinator! He spent the last nine months living in intentional community at Brendan’s Crossing as a member of the Episcopal Service Corp. His favorite camp activities include impersonating Richard Simmons during Dance and battling giant spiders in the boathouse by the pond. When asked his favorite thing about camp, Josh says, “The campers are everything. There’s nothing quite like having a 10-year-old ask you if you’re actually a superhero.”



If you catch Amy Saunders around camp she might be wearing tall socks, have wrists full of friendship bracelets and be sporting hands dyed rainbow from tie-dye. This will be Amy’s third year on camp staff. An enthusiastic leader of all things Arts and Crafts, this summer Amy will have a special focus on revamping Procter’s Art Center and infusing Creative Arts into everything camp does. She has a love for campfire and Sing Song (her favorite campfire song is “Light the Fire”) and says “Learning guitar last year was so much fun! and getting to play camp songs is a dream come true!…I love to make friendship bracelets and seeing how many I can collect throughout the summer! Last year I had 24 bracelets by the end; this year I want 30!” Amy attends “THE University of Alabama” and shares “I’m about to be a senior (cries) and I’m, applying to medical school… but for this summer I work at CAMP PROCTER!” 

Logan Kordinak, from Kent, OH, is no stranger to camp life. After spending summer 2017 on Procter’s camp staff he stayed at camp as a full staff member, working on the farm, hosting groups, and leading respite weekends. This summer Logan has the opportunity to live out his passion for outdoor adventure by serving on the Leadership team as the Activity Specialist! Besides being in nature, he enjoys telling stories in to his cabin or playing board games and Red Alert with campers. Logan says his favorite part about being on staff is watching how quickly campers learn something about themselves and others. Also, you may or may not be surprised to learn that Logan has had two full rounds of rabies vaccines.

The Counselors!

Procter Counselors live with a group of campers, work together to develop and implement our Christian Formation program, as well as afternoon activities and all-camp fun.  These leaders are dedicated to camp and making your family or child’s experience one that is inclusive, empowering, and the most fun you’ll have all summer. 

Tabby McCall, from Urbana, OH, is returning for a second summer as a Procter counselor! She attends Ohio University and is majoring in Social Work. During the summer she loves to play Red Alert with the campers, make friendship bracelets, and be by the pond. She says her favorite part of last summer was experiencing Procter as a counselor. When you catch Tabby around camp you might be able to see her do a headstand, an art form that she’s mastered!

Brianna Smith is a returning counselor from Columbus, OH and has attended as many Procter summer camp sessions as possible since 6th grade! She’s currently studying Pharmacy at the University of Toledo. She loves to tie-dye t-shirts, play ultimate Frisbee and Red Alert with her campers, and spend time in the chapel. Bri says, “My favorite thing about being a counselor is seeing the kids grow. It’s amazing to see how they are at the beginning of the week and seeing how much they have changed by the end of the week. It’s just amazing to see how much fun they have and being a part of that is such a great experience.”

Kate Howton, from Fort Thomas, KY, is spending her first year as a counselor with us! She’s been coming to Procter summer camps almost every year since she was in 6th grade and Kate says she’s wanted to be on Procter staff ever since. In the fall, she’ll be attending Eastern Kentucky University, but until then she’s excited to make friendship bracelets, sing Hand In Hand around the campfire, and play canoe dodge ball.

Pat Brack, from Wyoming, OH, has been going to as many camp sessions as she could for the past several years and this year she’s joining us as a counselor! She’ll be attending Lake Forest College in Chicago where she’ll study Political Science and minor in Environmental Studies. Pat says her favorite part of camp is campfire; she loves to watch the sun set on the lake while she winds down and reflects on the best parts of the day with the rest of the camp.

After coming to grade level and art camps, Nate Cade, from Troy, OH, is happy to be back at Procter as a counselor for his second year! He’s currently attending Cleveland State University and majoring in Business Management. If you’re excited to make bracelets and sing songs around the campfire, then you’re in good company because so is Nate! When we asked Nate for a funny fact he said, “I went to every home Browns game this season and watched them lose every single one.”

Darien McCoy, from London, OH, will be a first time counselor at Procter and he’s excited to make memories and have new experiences! He’s an active member at his local church and serves as leader and helper during Children’s Church. As a 6th grader he attended Camp Nuhop and his favorite activities were tie-dyeing t-shirts and singing songs around the campfire. Darien taught himself how to play piano and organ by ear and he owns over 50 copies of the Bible in different translations!

A longtime Procter camper, this will be Prosper Niyongabo’s first summer on staff.  Prosper love the active games (hockey, “mansuedo ball”, station games) and strong community at camp.  As a high school athlete Prosper played football, baseball and was on the wrestling team, this upcoming year he’ll attend Wittenberg Univesrity.  Prosper says, “To me nothing beats a peaceful evening after a long day at the Procter campfire, my favorite part of camp is campfire..” A fun fact about Prosper, he was born in Tanzania and speaks 3 languages! 


Brandon Gray, from Cincinnati, OH, is a former Procter camper, He is super excited to finally be on staff and a part of what makes camp a fun and caring environment for everyone. He’s currently attending Tufts University in Boston, MA where he studies Electrical Engineering and Music Engineering. At camp, Brandon likes to swim in the pool, play Red Alert, and tie-die t-shirts! When you see Brandon during the week make sure to ask what it’s like to have two birthdays and to demonstrate some breakdancing!