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About Us
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About Us

Procter Center is a retreat and event facility for daytime and overnight groups. It serves spiritual, community, business, and youth organizations, as well as families and individuals who seek inspiration, reflection, education, team building and togetherness in a simple, peaceful, and secluded setting. The center rests on 60 acres of a 1,200+ acre site in predominately agricultural Madison County, Ohio, conveniently located between Columbus and Cincinnati. Procter Center is an affiliate of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.


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Our Mission

Procter Center provides a safe, inviting, and spacious rural setting that cultivates spiritual formation, models sustainable living, and celebrates God’s love and reconciliation through hospitality, prayer, study, work, and play.

William Cooper Procter, 1862-1934

A Bit of History

In 1952, Bishop Henry Wise Hobson welcomed the gift at the Diocesan Convention with the following words:

“Today it is my privilege and joy to tell you that in our near future, Mrs. Procter will deed to the Diocese a farm property of something over one thousand acres…This gift is in memory of William Cooper Procter and the property will be known as the William Cooper Procter Conference Center. The farm is splendidly located near our Diocesan population center and easy access from all directions. On it there are a number of fine buildings, certain of which can be adapted for conference purposes, some beautiful woodlands (the present name of the property is Woodland Farms), a large spring fed swimming pool, and considerable livestock… Here our youth will be trained for more loyal and effective service; here our lay people can meet to plan more adequate programs and to gain greater inspiration for their work; here we can enlist the interest and service of many persons who now represent the Church’s greatest undeveloped resource; here our clergy can gather and gain knowledge, understanding, and the refreshment of body, mind, and spirit; here we can develop a more worthy rural program which will enrich the life of the whole Diocese; here we will have a chance to strengthen the unity and build up the team work which has always been the foundation open which we have depended for our progress and success in every venture.

William Cooper Procter bought this farm and gave it to Mrs. Procter because he had a faith in the land, which was an expression of his faith in America.

Among all the men I have ever known, Mr. Procter had the clearest vision of the future, the deepest and yet very humble understanding of true and eternal values, the greatest readiness to put the Church and the cause of Christianity first, and the most loyal and personal devotion to Jesus as his Master. It is most fitting that the Conference Center, where people will gather to gain vision, to learn what is of essential value, to increase their loyalty to the Christian Church, and to come to know Christ more personally, should bear the name of a man who, in his life, expressed all these purposes, hopes, and ideals. It is also fitting that this gift comes from one who has always shared so fully in her husband’s spirit of loyalty to the highest principles of Christian living. In the years to come, when we realize the full benefits of this Diocesan Center, we shall be ever better equipped to meet every time of darkness and confusion, and we shall gain the courage, hope, and faith which will enable us to do our fuller part in making the future of our Diocese, our Church, our Nation, and our World…Will provide all people with the opportunity to live as free and loyal children of God. As we go forward in this venture, which will, I know, contribute so much to our ability to build a better world for which we long and pray, we shall always be conscious of the presence, strength and inspiration of a great leader who was great because he was a ‘servant of all’, William Cooper Procter.”

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