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Private Rooms and Entire Cottage Accommodations

Cabins 4 and 5 can accommodate up to 16 people and have six separate bedrooms. Two rooms on each side have twin bunk beds and a single, moveable, twin bed, and the middle room has two twin beds. Each cabin also has a common seating area.

Cabins 4 & 5 


Common Rooms


Diocesan Rate 

Adult – $70

Youth – $60

or minimum of $400 per cottage

2023 rates

Standard Rate

Adult – $80

Youth – $70

or minimum of $450 per cottage

2023 rates

Blanchard Commons

Meeting space and lodging in one! 

In addition to Cabins 4 and 5, we have Blanchard Commons (Cabins 1, 2, & 3). This cottage retreat accommodates 36 persons (double occupancy) and provides a comfortable, relaxed setting for lodging and meetings of up to 40 persons. The three connected cottages that make up Blanchard Commons have a centrally located common area. The centralized meeting space includes a kitchenette and a small library. Restrooms are available throughout the commons.



All Rooms Include…
Bed linens and towels are provided. Free Wi-Fi is available.

Check-in no earlier than 3 PM and no later than 8 PM.

To ensure access to your lodging, check-ins after 8 PM must be pre-arranged with the Procter Staff at least 48 hours in advance.

Check-out no later than 10 AM unless pre-arranged with the Procter Staff.

Cancellation Policy

Procter Center should be notified of any reservation cancellation as soon as possible.  Please be aware that your group may still incur charges if the reservation is cancelled based on the guidelines below.

60 days prior to confirmed date:  50% of deposit shall be returned to your group

30 days prior to confirmed date:  25% 0f deposit will be returned to your group 

Less than 30 days:  Your deposit will not be returned.  Your group will incur a $250.00 Late Cancellation Fee and are subject to a processing fee of 10% of the reservation total. 

Any customer who fails to cancel within the required time will remain responsible for all fees associated with the booking.

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