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About Camp

A Place to Reflect, Learn, and Grow

Procter Camp, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, is a place for children, youth, and families to grow in faith, sing, learn, play, and pray together.

In 2021, our programs included youth camps for children entering 9th-12th grade, Family Camps, and Day Camp (1st-6th grade).  New to our camping program was Silver Camp, for those 50+. 

At Procter, we learn, share, pray, and sing together every day. Campers and staff members of all (or no) faith backgrounds are welcome.

We also canoe, fish, have campfires, enjoy creative arts, spend time at Procter Center Farm, play sports and wacky games, and explore the natural world around us.

My girls have been going to Procter every summer for 8 years…a truly wonderful place!!!


Youth Camp Handbook

These documents have all the information you need to help your child have a great session of camp! COVID guidelines, packing lists, Community Covenants, drop off and closing Eucharist, mail and care packages, are all included, plus much more. Click to download.

Family Camp Handbook

These documents have all the information your family needs to have a great camp session! COVID guidelines, packing lists, Community Covenants, and drop off and closing Eucharist, are all included, plus much more. Click to download.

Day Camp Handbook

These documents have all the information needed to help your family have a great camp! COVID guidelines, packing list, Community Covenants, drop off and closing Eucharist, are all included, plus much more. Click to download.

Camp Rates

Senior High Camp

9th-12th Grade

Tier 1 – Subsidized | $325.00

Tier 2 – Direct Cost | $425.00

Tier 3 – True Cost | $525.00

Campership | $325.00 

4-Day Family Camp

Thompson Lodge

 $175 | Single camper
$325| First two campers
($90 each additional camper)


 $160 | Single camper
$300| First two campers
($80 each additional camper)

Day Camp

1st-6th Grade

 $150 | Single camper, weekly

The camps that are held there during the summer are super. My two grandchildren love it. My grandchildren told me that the food they have there is awesome. They told me, Grandma, I wish you could taste some of the food they serve us. They have so much fun there. The grounds are beautiful. Everyone that works there are so nice and helpful.


Thanks to Amy Melena for making Procter Center truly Procter Farm & Camp this year. You are absolutely the best! Thanks to Amy Boyd and Danielle Vogel for all you did in preparing for this to happen, and to Kate Howton and her team for her leadership in the camp part. Throw in the new Day Camp, led by Darien McCoy, and it was a great summer. What a team you all were.

Bishop Ken Price

A Day at Procter

  Wake up with the farm, and catch the hogs at their morning mud-pit hangout, or        collect eggs from the free-range chickens. By mid-day, take a dip in the pool, or          cool off in a canoe on the lake. Want a more relaxed environment? It’s hard to stay    awake in the hammocks, with the warm breeze passing. Be in community during        Arts & Crafts, or play games in the Gaga Pit! After dinner, sing your heart out at          the camp fire, or do some evening fishing at the pond, all equipment included. We    offer so much for you. We are here to make your time fun, relaxing, and a place to    create lasting memories.

Select Happy Harvest Box during registration and depart Camp with a packed box of fresh-picked vegetables from the farm! Family and Senior High Camps only.

Food and Lodging

Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat

3 Meals a Day

We always offer a variety of options, including fruits and salad. Campers are even able to bring items they have harvested at Procter Center Farm to our Dining Hall! All COVID food safety precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of our staff and campers.

Campers Stay in Cottages

We have 5 cottages, where campers stay with 2 counselors. COVID protcols will be observed to maintain safe distances in all lodging locations.


About Camp

Hot Showers

The bathrooms have been updated  in the cottages and include new showers. 

Easy Drop-off and Pick-up

Our upper and lower lots ensure that you will easily be able to get in and out during drop-off and pick-up. 

Bedroom Comforts

Our cottage rooms have twin and bunk beds and a place to store your belongings. Campers bring their own bedding. 


A highlight of camp, the lake includes a water-trampoline, canoes, kayaks, and corcls. The lake is staffed with certified lifeguards and other counselors serve as look-outs.

The Barn

Craft time! The barn features an indoor basketball court, and plenty of supplies for crafts, making it the ultimate indoor activity space! 


Daily, our campers can choose to spend time swimming (and screaming) at the pool. Certified life-guards are on duty.

Arrival and Departure

Specific details about check-in and check-out can be found in the parent handbook. You will see directional signs and counselors to help you know where to go once you arrive. 

The Farm

Our 6-acre farm has a garden plot dedicated to educating campers about growing food! Colorful vegetables fill the rows, ready for campers to pick, clean and eat!

Have a Question?

Give us a call, 740-206-2036!


Camp FAQs

Camp Questions

If you are a veteran camper, or new to summer camp, we know you must have questions. To ensure your child and family have a safe and enjoyable camp experience, we have created this FAQ section for you. Safety and fun are our number one priorities, in that order! We are here to answer any questions you may have before you come to camp.

Is there a nurse onsite?

Yes, we have a LPN/RN on-site, 24 hours. 

Where do I check in?

Specific information can be found in the parent handbook. The Camp Director will also send out an email, prior to camp, with information that you need to know, including check in time and location.

How many kids to a counselor?

Our ratios are 1 – 5 and 1 – 8, depending on how many campers are attending. We ensure that campers are well attended according to ACA standards. 

How long is camp?

Our camps are different lengths, depending on the type of camp you have selected to attend, but usually three to five days. 

What should we pack?

A complete list of what to pack for camp can be found in the camp handbook.

What does a typical day look like?

There are a lot of fun things to do at camp! The day starts at with cabin clean up to ensure the campers are in a clean environment. After breakfast, we gather for songs and orientation for the day. Cabin groups go to activities until lunch. After lunch we have FOB (flat on backs), which is a much needed rest period for busy campers. Afternoon activities start include swimming in the lake or pool, or visiting Procter Center Farm. In the evening, we have dinner and more activities. We end our day with a campfire and devotions in the cabin. It is a full and fun day here at Procter!

Can I pick up my child early?

It is discouraged, but arrangements may be made with the Camp Director.

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Camp registration opens March 1st, and stays open until camps are filled!