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A Commitment to Procter

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meet the Board Members


The Right Rev’d G. Wayne Smith

Bishop – Diocese of Southern Ohio

Appointed Representatives

Jon B. Boss
, Trustees of the Diocese
The Rev. Sallie
Schisler,Trustees of the Church Foundation 
The Rev’d Bruce Smith,
Diocesan Council


Robin Kimbler, recording secretary
The Rev. Canon David Getreu, canon for budget and finance, interim director (finance)
The Rev. Canon Jason Oden, canon for formation, interim director (programming)





Lissa Barker (2024), First Vice Chair
Beth Benson
Anne Brack (2023)
Jodie Emerson (2025)
The Rev. Derrick Fetz (2025)
The Rev. George Glazier (2023)
The Rev. Warren Huestis (2024)
Karen Ingraham (2023)
Annika Russo (2024)

Working Board

Monthly Meetings & Annual Retreats


Board Members are broken up into committees on subjects they are passionate about.


A time to delve deeper into the purpose and functions of Procter. Reflect on the past and prepare for the future.