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A Commitment to Procter

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meet the Board Members


The Rt. Rev. Kristin White

Bishop – Diocese of Southern Ohio

Appointed Representatives

  • Jon B. Boss, Trustees of the Diocese
  • David McKenney, Trustees of the Church Foundation
  • The Rev. Bruce Smith, Diocesan Council


  • Robin Kimbler, operations director
  • The Rev. Canon Jason Oden, staff liaison





  • Lissa Barker (2024), First Vice Chair
  • The Rev. Warren Huestis (2024)
  • Annika Russo (2024)
  • Jodie Emerson (2025)
  • The Rev. Derrick Fetz (2025)
  • Tym House (2026)
  • Spencer Izor (2024)

Working Board

Monthly Meetings & Annual Retreats


Board Members are broken up into committees on subjects they are passionate about.


A time to delve deeper into the purpose and functions of Procter. Reflect on the past and prepare for the future.