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A Commitment to Procter

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

Meet the Board Members




The Right Rev’d Kenneth Price

Bishop – Diocese of Southern Ohio


Stake Holder Directors


Jon B. Boss – Trustee of the Diocese 2021

Richard Warren – Trustee of the Church Foundation 2021

Bill Ubbes – Diocesan Council 2021




Bishops Appointees


Mark Sesler – 1st Vice Chair 2022

Lissa Barker – 2nd Vice Chair 2021

Karen Ingraham 2023

Rev. Bill Bales 2022

Rev. George Glazier 2023

Anne Brack 2023


Elected at Convention


Rev. Bruce Smith 2021

Rev. Paul Bennett 2023

Beth Benson 2022 – filling a vacated seat

Working Board

Monthly Meetings & Annual Retreats


Board Members are broken up into committees on subjects they are passionate about.


A time to delve deeper into the purpose and functions of Procter. Reflect on the past and prepare for the future.