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 Relax and reflect. You need it.

Individual Retreats


Diocesan Rate: $60 (2022) Rates subject to change.
Standard Rate: Adult $70 (2022) Rates subject to change
Meals included only if groups of 10 or more are on the property

Alone at last

For decades, Procter has been a quiet place for people within in the Dioceses to take a moment for themselves. A place for quiet contemplation. A place “near the water”. Sometimes, in the busy hustle and bustle, it is vital to take a moment for yourself. To find comfort in your own company…and God’s. Throughout the year, we have folks visit us seeking their own, individual respite. Although, Procter boasts as a place to gather, we are also a place of solitude. Company is found in nature; the birds, the lake life, the small-talk between the tree leaves, and in you. Stop by for a night, or a week. However long you need. We’ll be waiting for you.

Individual Retreat Features

  • Grass walking path around the lake.
  • 70 acres of woodland to explore.
  • A working farm to volunteer your time.
  • Private room and bathroom.
  • 8 min. drive to dinning and shopping.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the center.
  • Private use of Christ Chapel for reflection and meditation.

Lodging Options


34 rooms in total, offer bunked and double bed options with private or common bathrooms. Learn more here.

Hotel Rooms

22 rooms with each including double beds, seating area, and private bath. Learn more here.

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How Was Your Visit?

“Awsome place to have a work retreat. Good food . Beautiful scenery . The room we were in had great acoustics didn’t need a microphone, but one was still provided. Highly recommend. Felt comfortable and cozy. Not like sitting in a boardroom”.

The Willows, November 2019

“Very ecologically friendly. Welcoming  conference space”.

Dagmar Grothe, July 2019